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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chase Freedom

My Chase Freedom credit card arrived in the mail today. For the past five years, I have earned frequent flier miles with the United Chase Visa card. Now that we have a baby, we aren't going to be doing as much flying for awhile. Plus, the United Chase Visa had a $65 annual fee.

The Chase Freedom card has no annual fee, gives 1% back on all purchases, and gives 3% back on purchases in your highest spending category. You can redeem your rewards as cash or points. Points can be used to purchase gift cards, air travel, car rental, or merchandise.

I like using a credit card because the transactions automatically link to my budgeting software. Plus, earning points is like free money. The trick is to pay off the balance every month and be mindful that you're still spending cash.

*Thanks to SLO County Mommies for helping me research various credit card options!

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1 comment:

cotakids said...

Hey Joy! Another great card is the American Express Costco card. You get 3% on gas, 2% eating out and 1$ on everything else. They send you a check that you can cash at Costco. It's great!