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Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool Blogs for Moms

Adjusting to being a mom has been...well, an adjustment. I have sought a lot of counsel via the Internet. During this process, I came across some great blogs. Here are a few I think are worth sharing...

For Productivity:
Working Moms Against Guilt: working moms who struggle to resist the guilt and embrace the journey
Simple Mom: live simply, stay sane. life hacks for home managers
Parent Hacks : includes great tips to make parenting easier

For Products:
Cool Mom Picks : awesome fashions and fun finds for diva moms
Green Mom Finds: for eco-fabulous living
Berrie Sweet Picks: reviews and contests for sassy moms and babies with attitude

For Crafts:
No Time for Flashcards : a resource of activities for young children that promote learning, play and discovery!
The Crafty Crow: a children's craft collective

For Inspiration:
The Secret Life of Ducks
Malodorous Messes: inhaling the perfume of parenthood one diaper at a time
My Moments as Told by Me

What is your favorite blog for moms?

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1 comment:

Kara said...

Hey Joy--love the new blog! Since I'm not a mom I have no favorite blogs for moms in mind, but here's a good one if you want a laugh: Cake Wrecks ( has posts of professionally-made cakes gone awry, and witty commentary to match. You may have already heard of it, as I think it's getting pretty popular. I heard about it from--who else?--Suzy. Have a great week!