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Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 Green Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This post is part of the Saturday's Seven series.

Like most celebrations in the United States, Valentine's Day is often driven by consumerism. It is easy to become materialistic and forget about the unmeasurable aspects of love. If you are looking for a Valentine's Day gift that is "off the grid," here are 7 green ideas:

1. Estate jewelry. Find a recycled piece of jewelry. The benefits are twofold - no new materials were mined from the earth and your jewelry will always have a mysterious quality.

2. Organic flowers. If you are traditional, go with flowers but check with your local florist to build an organic and pesticide free bouquet.

3. Fair trade chocolate. Fair trade markets are growing rapidly and guarantee that workers in other countries are paid decent wages. There are also organic chocolates which are required to be fair trade.

4. Experience gifts. Think skydiving, horseback riding, a concert, a night at the movies, you get the idea.

5. Cook an organic dinner. Shop at your local farmer's market for organic produce and stop at your health food store for the rest of the ingredients. With fresh veggies, your Valentine's Day dinner is sure to be tasty.

6. Create a romantic evening at home. Save fuel and avoid driving on Valentine's Day. Light some soy candles, draw a bath with natural bath salts, and take out the organic massage oil.

7. Hemp lingerie?

photo by Albert Ip

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Lorena said...

All these are wonderful valentine gift ideas!!

Joy said...

@ Lorena - thanks for sharing!

Hanna said...

These green Valentine's Day gift ideas are great.!! Organic flowers would be best for Valentine's Day.