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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm back!!!

My dear little blog,

I have missed you so! It has been three months since I have been here, and it feels so good to be back on the keyboard! Since I left, a lot of wonderful things have happened in my life.

First, my mom and my sister had a successful kidney transplant. My sister donated her kidney to my mom on July 15 at Stanford Medical Hospital. I was able to be there for a week while they recovered. Both are back at home now and starting to resume their normal activities. To read more about the transplant, visit

Second, I am back at work full time. I spent a couple weeks after the transplant helping in my mom's office until my sister returned from Stanford, and then I resumed my full time responsibilities as the Coordinator of The Community Center at Cal Poly in August. It is so refreshing to be back on campus and gearing up for a new year. I have missed my co-workers and students more than I realized.

Last, but certainly not least, I have finished physical therapy for my foot and, although it is not 100% back to normal, I can say that this episode of my life is behind me. It was definitely a trying ordeal but I have learned a lot and it has strengthened me. I hope to begin incorporating some regular walking and running back into my schedule in the coming months.

Now that my schedule is a little (let's be honest, A LOT) busier, I have re-evaluated my commitment to Just Plain Joy and have developed a plan. My favorite weekly posts are Friday's Fun Finds, Saturday's Seven, Sunday's Super Simple Solutions, and the Blue Day Series. So, I have decided to try to publish at least three posts per week in these areas.

Thanks for being loyal followers, and I hope to see your comments soon!

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